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Get more from PayPal Credit. The benefits of PayPal Credit go beyond purchases and payments. We’re providing a better way to buy with simple financial solutions and easy-to-use account features.

Apple Pay

Introducing Apple Pay 23 May We’ve listened to customer feedback, conducted lots of research and, after a couple of late nights, we’re delighted to be able to introduce Apple Pay to our store owners! Apple Pay is becoming more and more popular around the globe, with usage growing a massive 450% Y-O-Y! Our integration provides your customers more control, payment options and that added trust that comes with the Apple brand, this seemed to be the natural thing to do. We’re here to give you a br


! HOW TO TURN ON G-SYNC IN CLEVO P65X P67X SERIES ! Laptops P6x use a manual switch between graphics cards. To conserve battery simply use the " Nvidia Optimus ." This turns off the G - Sync and Nvidia graphics card. Remember! When using G- Sync + MFAA level of energy consumption is much higher. There are two ways to change the GPU: Clevo Control Center Switch GPU Discrete ( for the G - Sync) / MSHYBRID ( for Optimus ). If you use this option you will be required to restart your computer...